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Smoking areas at Doha Hamad International Airport (DOH)

Doha Hamad International Airport is the main airport serving the city of Doha, the capital of Qatar. Located about 15 kilometers southeast of downtown Doha, the airport is a hub for Qatar Airways and serves as a major gateway to the Middle East.

The airport features a modern and spacious terminal with state-of-the-art facilities, including multiple dining and shopping options, lounges, and a range of other amenities. It has a single runway and is capable of handling a large volume of flights and passengers, with airlines from around the world operating regular services to and from the airport.

Smoking areas before the Security Check

Smoking (including the use of electronic cigarettes) is only permitted in smoking areas outside the terminals.

Smoking areas after Security Check

There are smoking facilities inside the terminal.

  • Concourse A: Located Gate A 1
  • Concourse B: Located before Gate B 1 on the left.
  • Concourse C: Located At Gate C4 before Gate C13
  • Concourse D & E: Located Opposite Gate D20 before Gate E1 and Opposite Gate E20

Smoking areas at Doha Hamad International Airport

Smoking Area Doha Airport

Smoking Lounge Doha Hamad International Airport

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Qatar Smoking Law

Qatar has a strict smoking law that prohibits smoking in all indoor public places, including restaurants, cafes, and shopping malls. The law also applies to all government and non-government workplaces, including offices, factories, and vehicles.

In addition, the sale of tobacco products is restricted to licensed outlets, and smoking in vehicles with children under the age of 18 is also prohibited. The law also bans the advertising and promotion of tobacco products in Qatar.

Smoking in designated outdoor areas is allowed in some places, but only if they meet certain criteria such as being away from entrances and exits of buildings, and not causing harm to others nearby.

Violations of the smoking law can result in fines and even imprisonment for repeat offenders. It is also worth noting that Qatar is an Islamic country and smoking is generally discouraged in Islam, as it is believed to be harmful to one’s health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are airport smoking areas available 24/7?

The availability of airport smoking areas can vary depending on the airport and location. Some smoking areas are open 24 hours a day, while others may have restricted hours or be closed during certain times. It is best to check with the airport or visit their website for specific information on the smoking area’s hours of operation.

Is it allowed to bring my own food and drinks into the smoking area?

This can depend on the specific smoking area and airport. Some smoking areas may allow outside food and drinks, while others may have restrictions or prohibit them completely. It is best to check with the airport or the smoking area signage for specific rules and regulations.

Is smoking allowed in all airport smoking areas?

Not all airport smoking areas may allow smoking. Some airports may have designated areas for electronic cigarettes or vaping, which are separate from the traditional smoking areas. Be sure to check the specific rules and regulations for the smoking area you plan to use.

Are smoking areas air-conditioned or heated?

The temperature and ventilation of airport smoking areas can vary greatly. Some may be air-conditioned or heated, while others may be open-air spaces with limited protection from the elements. Be sure to check with the airport or visit the smoking area in advance to determine the conditions and prepare accordingly.

Are smoking areas accessible to travelers with disabilities?

Many airports have made efforts to make their smoking areas accessible to travelers with disabilities. However, the accessibility of specific smoking areas can vary greatly. Be sure to check with the airport or visit the smoking area in advance to determine if it is accessible and meets your needs.

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