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Smoking areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina airports

Bosnia and Herzegovina has three main international airports that are open for passenger traffic,

On this website you can find all smoking areas in airports, including designated smoking areas and available facilities. We understand the frustration of going through security only to find that there are no smoking areas anywhere and in some cases e-cigarettes may not be allowed.

This service is for all smokers who want to enjoy a cigarette before or after long flights.

Airports in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina Smoking Law

The smoking law in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is regulated by the Law on Protection from the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Smoke, which was adopted in 2008. The law aims to protect the public from exposure to tobacco smoke and promote a healthy environment for all citizens.

The law prohibits smoking in all enclosed public places, including restaurants, bars, cafes, and other hospitality venues. It also prohibits smoking in public transportation, schools, hospitals, and other public buildings. Smoking is also prohibited in outdoor areas such as playgrounds, sports fields, and public transportation stops.

Violators of the smoking law in BiH can face fines and other penalties, and business owners can face fines and temporary closure of their establishments if they do not comply with the law.

Enforcement of the smoking law in BiH can vary, and there have been reports of some establishments allowing smoking despite the law. However, overall the smoking law has been effective in reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and promoting a healthier environment for all citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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