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Smoking areas in Cyprus airports

Smoking is not allowed inside any of the terminals or enclosed areas at Cyprus airports, in accordance with the national laws on smoking. This includes Larnaca International Airport and Paphos International Airport, the two main airports in Cyprus.

However, both airports do have designated smoking areas located outside the terminals, which can be accessed before or after the security checkpoint. These smoking areas are equipped with ashtrays and are clearly marked with signs.

On this website you can find all smoking areas in airports, including designated smoking areas and available facilities. We understand the frustration of going through security only to find that there are no smoking areas anywhere and in some cases e-cigarettes may not be allowed.

This service is for all smokers who want to enjoy a cigarette before or after long flights.

Airports in Cyprus

Cyprus Smoking Law

Under the law, smoking is prohibited in all enclosed public places, including workplaces, bars, restaurants, and cafes, as well as on public transportation and in certain outdoor areas such as playgrounds and sports facilities. It is also forbidden to smoke within 10 meters of entrances to public buildings, including hospitals, schools, and government offices.

The law requires that all indoor areas in public places be designated as non-smoking areas, and smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas, which must be clearly marked with signs. It is also illegal to sell tobacco products to minors under the age of 18, and tobacco advertising is banned.


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