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Smoking areas in Ireland’s airports

Ireland is served by several airports, both international and regional, that connect the country to various domestic and international destinations.

On this website you can find all smoking areas in airports, including designated smoking areas and available facilities. We understand the frustration of going through security only to find that there are no smoking areas anywhere and in some cases e-cigarettes may not be allowed.

This service is for all smokers who want to enjoy a cigarette before or after long flights.

Airports in Ireland

Ireland’s Smoking law

In Ireland, smoking is regulated by the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2002 and subsequent amendments. The law aims to protect public health by reducing exposure to secondhand smoke and promoting a smoke-free environment.

The law prohibits smoking in all enclosed workplaces, including offices, restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping centers, public transport, and other indoor public spaces. This ban also extends to common areas of apartment buildings and other shared accommodations.

While smoking is generally not allowed in enclosed public places, some establishments may have designated outdoor areas where smoking is permitted. These areas must meet specific criteria outlined in the law, such as being physically separated from smoke-free areas and having appropriate ventilation.

It’s important to note that Ireland has adopted a comprehensive approach to tobacco control, including initiatives to discourage smoking, promote smoking cessation services, and raise public awareness about the risks associated with smoking.

It’s always advisable to respect and adhere to the smoking laws and regulations in Ireland to ensure the well-being of both smokers and non-smokers and to contribute to a healthier environment.


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