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The World’s Most Smoker-Friendly Airports

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The World's Most Smoker-Friendly Airports

In an era where smoking is increasingly restricted in public spaces, airports have become a final frontier for those seeking a place to light up. While many airports have completely banned smoking, there are still several that stand out for their smoker-friendly facilities. This article explores some of the world’s most accommodating airports for smokers, offering insights into where you can find a comfortable spot for a smoke before your flight.

Europe’s Havens for Smokers

Helsinki Airport (HEL), Finland

Helsinki Airport is renowned for its smoker-friendly approach, featuring several “smoking rooms” within the terminal areas. These rooms are not only numerous but also pleasantly designed, offering a comfortable environment for smokers.

Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Germany

Frankfurt Airport offers well-ventilated smoking booths in various locations throughout the airport. After security checks, smokers can find solace in these designated areas, making it one of Europe’s more smoker-friendly airports.

Zurich Airport (ZRH), Switzerland

Zurich Airport goes above and beyond with a total of 22 smoking areas available to travelers. These facilities are spread across the terminals, ensuring that smokers can find a convenient spot regardless of where they are.

Asia’s Smoker-Friendly Airports

Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Hong Kong International Airport provides a spacious smoking room, adorned with plants, making for a more pleasant smoking experience. The airport’s website lists the available smoking lounge in Terminal 1, highlighting its commitment to accommodating smokers.

Africa’s Accommodating Airports

While smoking facilities in African airports might not be as widespread, countries like Egypt and Mauritius offer designated smoking areas in their airports. These areas provide a necessary respite for smokers traveling to or from the continent.

North America’s Smoking Lounges

Despite the stringent smoking bans in many public places across the USA, some airports still offer smoking cabins. Airports in Virginia and Indiana, for example, have designated areas where smokers can light up without having to leave the terminal.

The Changing Landscape of Airport Smoking Areas

As health concerns and regulations evolve, the availability of smoking areas in airports is subject to change. However, the airports mentioned above have made significant efforts to accommodate smokers while balancing health and comfort for all travelers. It’s always best to check the airport’s official website or contact customer service for the most current information regarding smoking facilities.

The trend towards smoke-free public spaces has significantly impacted airports worldwide. However, the airports listed in this article demonstrate a commitment to providing facilities for smokers, ensuring that their travel experience is as comfortable as possible. Whether through dedicated smoking rooms or outdoor smoking areas, these airports stand out as some of the most smoker-friendly options in the world.